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5 Modest Fashion Trends that Everyone is Talking About

Modest fashion is on the rise as women take their fashion choices into their own hands. With the rise of minimalistic and comfort-driven clothing, it’s no surprise that modest fashion trends are coming to dominate the industry. Whether you stick to modest fashion every day or like to experiment with it, the niche is becoming just as stylish as its streetwear and mainstream counterparts.

The beauty of modest fashion is its versatility. With the right accessories, you can take a modest fashion look seamlessly from day to night. We’re sharing 5 of the top modest fashion trends to help you shake up your closet and try something new. These must-try trends are the perfect introduction to the world of modern modest fashion.

What is modest fashion?

Modest fashion is about concealing rather than revealing. It’s a more conservative form of dressing that has traditionally been done for religious reasons. Modest fashion focuses on covering up, rather than wearing skin-showing garments. The concept means something different to everyone – especially younger women who are making it their own.

The latest modest fashion trends are sophistication-meets-style with conservative silhouettes that allow women to express their personality without wearing skin-revealing clothing. With the rise of modest fashion bloggers, the lifestyle is becoming a fashion trend of its own.

The 5 modest fashion trends that you need to try

Are you not sure where to start with modest fashion? Is your closet feeling uninspiring? These are 5 modest fashion trends that everyone is talking about. They’re the perfect introduction to the art of modest fashion as transitional outfits that work for every season.

1. Layered maxi dresses

When in doubt, go with a layered maxi dress. At emenark, they’re amongst our best-sellers for their effortlessly chic silhouettes and on-trend prints. If you want to wear your heart on your sleeve, maxi dresses are your new best friend. With their long sleeves and hemlines, you can layer your maxi dress with your favourite knitwear for a casual look or elevate your outfit with an oversized blazer.

2. Tunics with denim jeans

A tunic and jeans are the modest fashion version of jeans and a t-shirt. They’re the fail-safe that we always turn to at the weekend or when we’re off-the-clock. The key to this trend is to choose jeans in a neutral shade of black or grey so that you can experiment with a print for your tunic.

3. Blouses with long pleated skirts

A button-up blouse is a timeless classic. Styling it with a long-pleated skirt can take you from a day at the office to dinner with friends. You can have fun with your outfit and play with a pastel pink pleated skirt or be more conservative with a monochrome look.

4. Matching solid co-ords

Is there anything chicer than a head-to-toe look? Matching co-ords are a trend that stretches across the fashion industry and gives you an elevated outfit with the comfort of athleisure. We love to style them with white sneakers to help the co-ords pop.

5. Loose-fitting jumpsuits

Are you not sure what to wear for a special occasion? Jumpsuits are the modest fashion equivalent of a little black dress. You can style them with loafers for a casual look or dress them up with knee-high boots in winter.

Are you looking for more inspiration for modest fashion outfits? You can check out our latest arrivals here.

Fashion Modest Fashion

What is Modest Fashion?

What does modest fashion really mean?

Though the true definition of modest fashion may differ from woman to woman, it is essentially a clothing choice of women that reveals minimum skin and does not accentuate the shape of their body. Everyone has their own idea of what modest fashion means to them. It may mean different styles to different women depending on their body, perspective, or religion. Women that are religion-concerned choose modest fashion over other styles to meet the rulings of their respective religions while still being able to express their style and likes based on their physical appearances. Muslim women may include a hijab to cover their heads, as guided by Islam. Other women view modest fashion as a pure aesthetic that they desire to follow. Sometimes, women may choose oversized and loose clothes for reasons as simple as comfort. In other words, modest fashion is not exclusively practiced by Muslim women only, but any woman of any religion or belief who chooses to keep up with trends while avoiding attention towards their body.

How are modest fashion choices viewed today?

Already existing as a billion-dollar industry, the modest fashion industry is only growing in terms of worth and recognition globally. Outfits that do not include exposure of skin or drag attention towards the size, shape, or type of the body of the woman had been viewed and tagged conservative, oppressive and old-fashioned for a long time. Moreover, the stereotypical thinking within different Islamic cultures itself expected women to wear abayas which in a way gave them no choice to do otherwise under social pressure. Specifically, in countries like India, Muslim women were restricted from choosing for themselves and dressing in the way they liked.

Shanaz Rukshana, an entrepreneur from Chennai, India, launched her modest fashion label after pursuing international Islamic studies. It led her to realize that the beliefs of the people that surrounded her were nothing but misconceptions and stereotypes regarding how Muslim women should dress. The Hijab Company inspired more women to dress, present, and express themselves according to their taste in fashion without compromising the rulings of their religion.

India’s first modest fashion store, The Hijablee was launched by Nighat Ahmad from Kanpur in 2014. It was later renamed to House of THL based on the initials of her three daughters, Tuba, Hiba, and Liba. However, the modest fashion brand resulted in disapproval from the stereotypical society who did not believe hijab and fashion could go together.

Both Nighat Ahmad and Shanaz Rukshana were successful in fighting against the odds and misconceptions in society and breaking the stereotypes regarding fashion choices for Muslim women. They were able to bring a change in how people viewed fashion, leading towards progress.

Where does modest fashion stand in recent trends?

Despite being tagged old-fashioned or conservative, modest fashion has made a return to the fashion industry setting new trends. Tight-fitted clothes and clothes that do not restrict the exposure of skin had been the main focus in mainstream fashion while loose or oversized outfits were considered bland or boring. But today, modest clothing is slowly making its way into mainstream fashion. There has been a noticeable increase in modest fashion bloggers and designers, most of them being millennial Muslim women who desire to portray their taste in fashion without compromising modesty. The array includes maxi dresses, full-sleeved tops, loose bottoms, overcoats, etc. The outfits may be styled with creative layering styles and a hijab in the case of Muslim women.

The modest fashion industry has boomed in recent years. A religious choice has slowly become a global trend. Several fashion giants have taken part in the trend by including modest clothing choices. In 2016, Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of hijabs and abayas for Muslim women. They have felt neglected by many clothing brands for years and they are finally working to include modest clothing for the Muslim community. Approximately $270 billion has been spent on modest fashion in 2017. It has been forecasted to reach $361 a year by 2023.

In the Lakme Fashion Week of 2019, models walked the stage in modest clothing designed and styled by Muneeba Nadeem, marking the first big event to include modest fashion. The collection included formal designs that focused on attracting the increasing number of working women in society. The designer styled each outfit with suitable hijabs to enhance modesty and complete the look. She was applauded for putting out the most modest collection seen on the ramp without sacrificing modesty. Other famous and successful brands were also keen to show interest with the rising recognition of modest fashion. Noticeably, almost every brand globally has been working to keep its products inclusive of all cultures and traditions to have something to offer to anyone.

What role did social media play in the rising popularity of modest fashion?

Modest clothing had been at odds with being considered trendy and cool. With the growth of social media, the growth of modest fashion went hand in hand. Millennials have stood by the idea that modest fashion can be cool and trendy. As a result of the rise of Instagram and fashion blogs, a large number of religious women, mostly young women in the US expressed their frustration regarding the lack of fashion choices available to them and the ignorance of mainstream fashion. The millennials are more likely to be open to the idea of keeping up with trends when compared to their parents. Due to the lack of choices available to them, Muslim women began creating their own and putting it out on the internet on different platforms to be able to influence others. It led to the mainstream fashion industry realizing that they had been overlooking an opportunity to be a part of the billion-dollar industry all along. H&M launched its first modest fashion collection in 2018 along with other fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, and Mango launching their modest collections during the month of Ramadan.

Personalities like Maryam Asadullah and Sobia Masood were among many women to become fashion icons for other modest wearers. They were successful in creating a trend by posting various tips and tutorials on styling modest clothing which gained them a large following. Another Muslim woman to build a social media fan base, Summer Albarcha firmly believed that modest fashion should not be perceived as  old fashioned or outdated.

With that said, Modest Fashion is not another seasonal trend that will fade with time. it’s a fashion that is here to stay for a while and make a revolution in the Fashion Industry

Modest Fashion

The rise of Modest Fashion [Complete Guide]

The uncontrollable rise of Modest Fashion

With Pinterest having a 500% hike for the keyword “Modest fashion”, it’s growing fast and is set to grow like wildfire given the popularity among social media influencers and mainstream Fashion brands contributing with their own line-ups of Modest Fashion collections.

As of 2020, the Modest Fashion industry is worth billions and is set to rise and shoot above 250 Billion dollars and boom in popularity.

With that said, unlike a couple of years ago, modest fashion has made it to most shelves and stores across the world!

Let’s go back in time to 2010, when a woman who is conscious about modesty had to choose in a collection of boring or less appealing collections, and someone who was conscious about fashion had no option but to go with what was in store, but that landscape has changed a lot now!

What is Modest Fashion?

Unlike the popular stereotype that fashion is all about what accentuates the body figure, modest fashion takes a complete 180 degree turn on this! 

Modest fashion is all about bringing trends that conceals the bodily figure and focuses on trends that’s religiously acceptable at the same time brings the latest fashion trends to the table.

Modest Fashion clothes range from anything from burkas, trousers, and jackets with a hint of modest style to it. And it was the only option that fashion loving Religious women were left with due to religious and cultural reasons. And as we can see, it’s as sassy as any other fashion trend!

The Revolution

It all started here, the need for fashion that’s culturally appealing and also from a religious perspective. And when it came to women who are conscious about the cultural and religious norms, they were left in the dust given the latest trends were never in their favor.

This is how the modest fashion Revolution was born, the demand for a fashion that fills this space, a growing number of Religious and ethnic fashion focused designers and influencers came onboard to shift the fashion landscape. They designed and promoted a trend that was all in on the Modest Fashion idea, a fashion that concealed the body parts yet looked trendy. In a very short time even the mainstream fashion brand hopped on board with their own Modest fashion collections by bringing fashion that meets the modesty needs of emerging youth women who like the modern trends in fashion, at the same time are aware of the religious and ethnic concerns of the society.

And if we look at 2020, the movement really did it’s magic, in 2014, brands like DNKY their own modest dresses to the shelves which were marked as the Ramadan Collection, and by 2015 H&M its first hijab-wearing model, Mariah Idrissi which was a big thing!

Thanks to all the efforts put in by small and big social media influencers and Muslim Designers who really wanted to make a difference and show, fashion is not all about exposing or showing the curves of the body.

How much is the modest Fashion Industry worth?

As of 2021, modest fashion is valued well around 250B dollars, and is set to rise given the ever increasing popularity and adoption of this emerging trend even by small scale design houses and the big players. 

Why all the fuss about Modest Fashion?

Unlike most fashion trends, that come in a season and stay for a while, Modest fashion isn’t that, not by a long shot! Ever since the start, Modest fashion wasn’t one of those seasonal trends, it is one that is hard coded that it is here to stay and also make a significant impact on Fashion as an industry.

With Major brands bringing their own Ramadan and Eid fashion trends and catwalks and fashion weeks in Cities like London and Malaysia reserved just for Modest fashion, the whole industry is talking about it! And will soon be a mainstream trend you would see in the front pages of most Mainstream fashion Websites and stores. And dedicated stores for Modest Fashion are also growing in popularity like wildfire.

Looking at Social Media, we can see that Influencers and fashion bloggers talking about Modest Fashion are on a hike too with some having over 5 Million followers on their respective Social media platforms.

Fashion blogger such as Anah from India was really able to shape the modest Fashion trend in India and there are even more Influencers who were able to do the same from different parts of the world.

Anah | Fashion Blogger/Influencer

A quick Internet search would show you an infinite number of Influencers who really helped us melt this ice in the Fashion industry!

And if we look at the Fashion Industry side of things, Many rising and established Muslim Fashion designers and Models/

Will the Modest Fashion Revolution ever stop?

Economic gain is a big part of why brands finally recognized the modest fashion audience. According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2019-2020, Muslim spending on apparel and footwear in 2018 was an estimated $283 billion. It’s a whopping number and one that continues to grow, giving companies an even bigger incentive to cater to the modest-fashion audience they had ignored for so long.

Where to buy modest fashion in India?

If you are looking to buy modest fashion from India to rock the most trendy fashions with cool patterns do check out the emenark store. With fashion that takes your style to the next level and fits any occasion and fashion taste.